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Changes in FST Please Read

Memo From PTE

The FST program will be moving to Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC), this move is set to be completed by July 1st, 2014. For more information please read the memo above and/or contact Ken Erickson @ EITC:

Fire Service Technology (FST)

Fire Service Technology (FST) is one of several program areas in the Division of Professional-Technical Education (DPTE). The DPTE is the administrative arm of the State Board for Professional-Technical Education that provides leadership, advocacy and technical assistance for professional-technical education in accordance with state and federal legislation. Professional-technical education programs, including fire service programs, are integrated into a larger, educational structure through public school districts, the state's technical college system, universities, and other agencies.

Most of Idaho's fire protection services are provided by volunteer fire departments that operate on a limited budget and volunteer staff. In 1967, Fire Service Training was created and placed in the Division of Vocational Education as an adult training program to fire departments in Idaho. During the first five years, Fire Service Training delivered fire training courses to about 250 firefighters each year. The size, scope and complexity of emergency response training grew and for a time, also included the coordination of emergency medical training under contract with the State's Emergency Medical Services Bureau. As a result of the expanded mission the program name was changed to Emergency Services Training (EST).

With the creation of separate agencies responsible for emergency medical and homeland security training, it is appropriate to change the program name to reflect the mission of coordinating firefighter training and certification. The Fire Service Technology program reflects the complex and technical nature of today's fire service profession, something that could not have been imagined when created in 1967. Today, FST is involved in the training and testing of about 7,000 Idaho firefighters annually in more than 200 supported courses. With no minimum state firefighter training standards, FST works with more than 240 fire departments in Idaho to help support their unique training needs.

The FST program partners with other entities at the federal, state and local level to coordinate services, support, and leverage limited resources to provide additional training opportunities. FST administers the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) certification program, instructor/evaluator development and qualification standards, maintains centralized student training records, supports a coordinated state-wide, multi-agency training and testing calendar, and supports leadership and curriculum development of fire services through the six technical colleges with Fire Service Technology degree programs.

Our website has changed and we invite you to look around as you will find new content and information. Please check back as we continue to update the information, guidelines, and resources. We take our mission of providing survivability skills to Idaho firefighters seriously.

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